BME provides online securities platform for Bankia

Source: BME

BME, through its new technology subsidiary BME Inntech, has developed Bankia's new online securities operation as part of the digital transformation process being carried out by the financial institution.

This new multi-device system provides clients with delayed and real-time access to national and international markets. In addition, it has powerful information and analysis tools, such as valuation of the overall position of clients as well as control and historical information of all orders.

On the other hand, the service includes differential elements in the market, such as fundamental and technical analysis and market news, tools necessary to become a leading broker in the Spanish market.

BME Inntech provides solutions and services that cover the entire value chain by offering its current and future clients the best technological and compliance solutions as well as the knowledge, reliability and reputation that only a group such as BME - with its robustness and national and international experience -can provide.

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