Blockchain startup gets leg up from Startupbootcamp

Source: Dolphin BI

Project Dolphin Blockchain Intelligence ( is a platform for collecting quick and high-quality risk assessment and information about ICO campaigns.

It was one of the 10 projects selected for investment and consulting assistance by Startupbootcamp accelerator. Pre-money evaluation of the startup is 6 mln EUR, what the team will receive and use (infrastructure and services) is planned to be 500 000 EUR. Startupbootcamp will take 8% of the company. More than 500 projects from 73 countries took part in the selection process.

The Startupbootcamp pitching session was held during the Pre-ICO of the project. So it was decided to prolong the Pre-ICO for three more weeks until October, 26. After that the Dolphin BI team moves to Amsterdam to start active work on the project and legislative work for the ICO, which from now must be aligned with the Netherlands legislation system. ‘Due to this business accelerator we will receive investment, consultation, office and assistance in legal and marketing preparation for the ICO. It opens up absolutely new horizons: accelerator offers an opportunity to work with the best consultants, developers, marketing specialists and other high-quality specialists, - Pavel Sidovor, CEO and co-founder of Dolphin BI, says. - It also opens new prospects for investors in blockchain, therefore, we decided it would be a good decision to prolong pre-ICO and give new people a chance invest in our project at an early stage.’


The acceleration program will last three months – from October 30 to February 8. As a result, projects are expected to exit with final products attractive for investors of any level – from private to global ones. Many accelerator participants find large-scale investments in the process of acceleration before the end of the program. 78% of graduates of the program become successful operating businesses.

"The idea of Dolphin BI is to offer a new level of analytics lacking in the market, to attract independent experts to the marketplace; to create an independent, objective ICO ranking and become a bridge between blockchain-projects and the biggest business angels in order to find investors for promising teams. We are glad that now we are involved in this process," says Andrey Varnavskiy, co-founder Dolphin BI.

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