Sapient Global Markets seeks Seismic shift in buy side sales

Source: Sapient

Sapient Global Markets, a leading global provider of business technology and consulting services for the financial and commodity markets, today announced enhancements to its Client Connect platform, collaborating with marketing and sales enablement leader Seismic under the Seismic Partner Edge program.

The asset management industry is facing a significant transformation challenge. As competition for assets increases, firms are shifting from traditional to multi-asset and passive solutions and increasing product complexity. At the same time, mounting cost pressures demand new technology approaches to support product innovation, automate processes and enable client-facing teams to deliver more efficient and effective service.

Client Connect is an outcome-focused proposition for financial institutions, designed to reduce operational costs associated with marketing operations and client servicing, using leading technology platforms like Seismic as a foundation for meaningful strategic transformation.

To complement this ecosystem, the collaboration with Seismic will deliver enhanced marketing and sales enablement tools, including the rapid creation of pitch books, fact sheets and client investment reviews and performance summaries, along with analytics to inform future client interactions and content creation. By streamlining workflow around their creation and removing manually-intensive content searches, Client Connect and Seismic will help deliver timelier and more personalized interactions.

“Client Connect eliminates time spent on recurring and redundant production activities that can be focused on more strategic issues and initiatives for attracting and retaining assets,” commented Jarlath Forde, vice president at Sapient Global Markets. “Our partnership with Seismic further enhances these capabilities, integrating a best in class, market leading solution that increases a firm’s ability to be more client and service centric, to engage prospects and clients in richer more rewarding conversations, and to support deeper and broader relationships with those clients.”

“We’re very pleased that Sapient has chosen Seismic as a cornerstone of their Client Connect Solution. The combination of the strength of Sapient’s intimate knowledge of the financial asset management markets with Seismic’s leading marketing and sales enablement platform equates to rapid deployment of meaningful outcomes for our customers,” said Kevin Chew, VP of Business Development at Seismic.

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