StormX and ZenCash team up

Source: StormX

StormX, Inc., the blockchain adtech and micro-task company previously known as CakeCodes, has today partnered with ZenCash, the privacy coin for borderless decentralized communications and transactions.

Announced at the Nexus Earth Conference in Aspen, Colorado, users of Storm Play app (being rebranded and is formerly known as BitMaker), which offers rewards for everyday tasks in the form of cryptocurrency, will be able to earn the most advanced token focused on privacy — ZenCash — while using the platform. In a separate announcement, StormX announced the close of a private seed round of financing.

StormX CEO Simon Yu said: “We are proud to partner with ZenCash, whose mission is fully compatible with our values and goals as a consumer-oriented platform. ZenCash’s focus on privacy and advanced security makes it a seamless partner for the Storm Play platform, which aims to bring cryptocurrency to the mainstream. By incorporating ZenCash into Storm Play, we are providing our users with the opportunity to earn one of the most innovative and trusted cryptocurrencies on the market.”

Storm Play, formerly known as Bitmaker, is part of the Storm Market platform, which creates earning opportunities for people worldwide by utilizing blockchain technology. Storm Market allows members to find new ways to earn, engage and advance with the platform’s gamified micro-task system and receive STORM tokens. The Storm Play application of the platform, which currently has 250,000 monthly active users in 187 countries, is an advertising marketplace that allows users to earn cryptocurrency, including ZenCash, by watching videos and testing new products and services.

The Storm Market platform also will include two new categories: Storm Shop, a category that allows shoppers to earn cryptocurrency rewards for everyday purchases, and Storm Gigs, which leverages the gig economy by rewarding users with cryptocurrency for completing specific tasks such as QA Testing and Machine Learning tasks. After each assignment is successfully completed in a Storm Market application, users will automatically receive STORM tokens for their services via an Ethereum smart contract. The STORM token can be used within Storm Market to pay for services from the platform. In addition, once members earn STORM tokens, they will be able to list their own micro-tasks for others to complete.

ZenCash Co-Founder Rob Viglione said: “This furthers our usability mandate to make ZenCash one of the most utilitarian privacy coins on the market. The ability to integrate into a gaming community of more than 250,000 users will provide a medium of exchange for internal markets, gaming rewards, or incentive marketing campaigns. This in turn will serve as a major driver in expanding the utility of our network.”

StormX has also closed its seed round of financing from notable advisors and investors like Liam Robertson of 

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