Netherlands' Friesland Bank to roll out Vasco Digipass 815 secure card reader

Source: Vasco

VASCO Data Security International, Inc. (Nasdaq: VDSI - News), the global number one vendor of strong user authentication products to the financial sector, today announced that Friesland Bank, will use Digipass 815 unconnected secure smart card reader in combination with a chip and PIN enabled debit card to add strong user authentication to the bank's Internet banking applications.

Friesland Bank N.V. is an independent bank operating in the north and east of the Netherlands. Friesland Bank's client base consists of personal, institutional and corporate customers. Friesland Bank is the seventh largest general bank in the Netherlands. VASCO's Digipass 815, or "EasyKey" as Friesland Bank baptized the device, will be used in the bank's "Internet Bankieren - Betalen en Sparen" ("Internet Banking - Payments and Savings") application.

Digipass 815 is a light, ultra-portable and easy to use secure smart card reader. These assets, combined with a stylish design, make Digipass 815 a highly appreciated strong authentication product in the banking sector.

"We opted for Digipass for quality reasons and because of VASCO's vast experience in the banking sector," said Mr. Eelco Koehoorn of Friesland Bank. "Security and high quality customer service are of the utmost importance for Friesland Bank. Together with VASCO, we'll offer our customer a secure and easy to use online banking application."

"We welcome Friesland Bank as a customer," said Jan Valcke, VASCO's President and COO. "In today's online banking environment, strong authentication is needed to protect the end user's assets. We are convinced that the addition of Digipass will make Friesland Bank's "Internet Bankieren" application even more successful."

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