BlockEx selected as USB Future of Finance finalist

Source: BlockEx

BlockEx is proud to announce that we have been selected as finalists in the UBS Future of Finance Challenge 2017!

We entered in the category of ‘Investment Banking 4.0’. The challenges in that area are: improving client experience, achieving faster regulatory compliance, using machine learning to improve the ways we interpret data, increasing post-trade efficiency, and facilitating client lending.

BlockEx can substantially improve both regulatory compliance and post-trade efficiency, using the power of the blockchain.

Those using our platform won’t just be using the blockchain to trade cryptocurrencies, but also to trade traditional financial assets like bonds, equities, ETFs, syndicated loans, trade and supply chain finance, insurance, etc. By building these financial assets onto the blockchain, settlement can happen in 30 seconds, rather than two or three days. This slashes counterparty risk, and allows the market to be more liquid.

BlockEx is aware of the financial pressures increased regulation has placed investment banks under. It’s hard to maintain your margins when you’re spending so much money complying with regulators, especially in light of MiFID II, FRTB and EMIR. Those costs will be reduced by using the blockchain. Regulators can be given permissioned access to the blockchain, allowing them to see transactions in real time. This means that they can flag up suspicious transactions closer to when they occur.

The blockchain can also act as a verified source of truth. Rather than each different regulator having to verify the same information, the blockchain can act as a trusted record that all regulators can use. Investment banks spend a lot of time and money on filing their reports to different regulators. They all require different formats and slightly different information. Reformatting reports is a time suck that blockchain could eliminate. Blockchain will allow investment banks to save time and money on their regulatory reporting.

BlockEx will help investment banks increase their margins by cutting costs without cutting corners.

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