Digital Onboarding and Geezeo team up

Source: Digital Onboarding

Digital Onboarding Inc. today announced a partnership with Geezeo, the US based financial digital financial management provider. Digital Onboarding is the first digital SaaS platform dedicated to increasing bank customer activation rates.

For banks and credit unions, Digital Onboarding provides a fully automated customer onboarding solution that is more efficient and effective than traditional phone calls, emails, direct mail, and print brochures, thereby driving profit by increasing new customer activation rates. Digital Onboarding is a subscription service that makes it easy for financial institutions to replace paper-based “Welcome Kits” distributed in the branch, with an instant text message linking to a customized digital journey that supports the account activation process. With Digital Onboarding, the banking customer is provided an intuitive, user-friendly and efficient solution, that simplifies the on-boarding journey.

From an execution standpoint, deployment is easy and cost effective. The Digital Onboarding solution takes less than a week for a bank or credit union to implement, and over time can produce 6-figure savings by eliminating print brochures, while increasing customer activation rates and profitability. Geezeo has over 500 clients now, and sees first hand how the industry is evolving to meet the needs of a digital world.

“Too many financial institutions are focused on sales goals measured by new account openings, but banks don’t generate revenue from inactive accounts,” added Ted Brown, CEO of Digital Onboarding. “The focus needs to shift from opening new accounts to acquiring active banking relationships. Only 45% of new checking account openers convert into fully engaged profitable relationships, and 11% of new accounts are never activated all. In other words, banks are getting people to the five yard and then fumbling the ball. We’re committed to helping financial institutions make it into the end zone every time a new account is opened.” 

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