Blockchain hub launched in Israel

Source: Alignment

The Singulariteam Technology Group, together with CoinTree Capital, and BlockchainIL are launching Alignment, a blockchain Hub that will consult, develop and fund blockchain early-stage projects and existing companies, from inception through ICO, and beyond.

The firm’s clientele includes Bancor which raised a $153M ICO, STOX, which raised a $33M ICO, and KIK, who’s ICO is planned for September 2017.

Today Blockchain technologies present a riveting method to build products and services on top of new economies that incentivize user-bases. These same Blockchain technologies also provide ventures a method to capitalize themselves outside the traditional venture capital funding framework. With the world slowly realizing the long-term value of token systems, the greater the realization of the immense impact they will have on disruptive companies, ranging from Internet Infrastructures and Platforms, to Traditional Industries. 

The first crypto wave was characterized by the pioneers who paved the way for blockchain. We are currently a part of the second wave, which is characterized by experienced product groups that are profitable and offer reliable products and services.

Alignment is going to be a one-stop-shop that consults, develops and funds Blockchain early-stage projects and existing companies, from inception through ICO, and beyond. Services will include:

Token Sale Consulting: From token sale Design and Strategy, to Code Audits and Pre-sale Activities.​

Full Turnkey ICO Solutions: A full gamut of services, from Strategy and Marketing to Business Development.​

Venture Capital: Incubation and Funding of new and existing blockchain projects.

“We believe blockchain will revolutionize every industry in the world,” says Moshe Hogeg, Founder & Chairman of The Singulariteam Group. “Our goal at Alignment is assist, develop and fund unique and high-quality projects that will benefit the world with unprecedented new products, services and business models.​” 

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