GFT partners with for data-led decision making software

Source: GFT

GFT, the global provider of advisory, business consulting, IT and software services to the financial services community, announces its partnership with Dexi, a leader in intelligent automated data software.

This collaboration enables organisations to advance the way they interrogate external data sources, enhancing business processes and decision making through smart robotic data extraction.

GFT is developing an ecosystem of top technology partners to deliver innovative solutions to its clients. The Dexi partnership fulfils a key component in the cognitive banking value chain, and is complementary to an existing set of robotic process automation (RPA), data analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI) partnerships.

Financial institutions will benefit from Dexi’s advanced robot software technology and GFT’s proven delivery expertise and banking experience. The near-zero integration effort allows the suite of services to be applied both tactically and strategically across a variety of use cases. These include the enhancement of fraud detection and KYC capabilities as well as improved customer retention through personalised credit risk analysis, tailored advice and targeted product matching.

The superior scale, speed, quality and consistency of data retrieval through Dexi not only improves human resource productivity but also uncovers new insights and value that would not be possible using current manual methods. GFT’s experience in delivering custom visualisation tooling provides further functionality to support business processes.

The partnership has already proven its value in a range of applications, including; commodity price tracking for trading floor business operations, real-time sector expertise and insights for a bank’s corporate banking customer base, and powering compliance decisions for high value transactions. In a retail banking context, the software can deliver enhanced value in lending, whereby banks can augment customer profiling, by drawing upon alternative data sources for up-to-the minute customer insights; informing and de-risking credit decisions.

Christian Ball, Head of Retail Banking at GFT says: “Financial institutions are looking for solutions that deliver immediate tangible benefits. Smarter use and analysis of external data sources is a great way for banks to empower themselves with the deep, layered, market and customer intelligence that will cement relationships and drive additional revenue opportunities.”

Jacob Laurvigen, EMEA president at Dexi added “We are delighted to be partnering with GFT who we see as critical to our plans in becoming the leading technology in the automated data intelligence space. As more and more companies realise the potential of using advanced robotics to gain significant business value and advantage, the more creative and sophisticated the data intelligence requests are becoming. This in turn is driving demand for more tailored and complex solutions which GFT are now delivering.”

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