Danish neo-bank Lunar Way launches fee-free tavel card

Source: Lunar Way

As Lunar Way regulars will know, we are always looking for new ways to make your money matter. Our newest feature is no exception.

Staying true to the principles Lunar Way is built upon, this new addition is easy to understand, simple to use, and makes your life easier and cheaper.

So without further ado, allow us to introduce the Lunar Way Travel Card.

Why It’s Needed

We are seeing big changes in many industries where unfair and unjustifiable charges are eating into your money. One area where the consumer has always been stung is when traveling abroad. The mobile phone industry is currently undergoing a huge change. Governing bodies have declared roaming charges to be unnecessarily high, and with some of you currently being charged up to 4% in transaction fees. We believe traditional banking has the same issue.

With the convenience of modern travel and the globalisation of businesses we should be able to operate or holiday in another country without any added stress and without being charged unnecessary fees. A person who travels should not be penalized just for living their life and enjoying their time.

Currently many banks charge:

ATM fees
Exchange fees
Transaction fees

The cumulative amount of these fees really can be ridiculous. There is another way.

Our Travel Card is a prepaid multi-currency MasterCard. It allows you to instantly change the currency of your card from within the Lunar Way app. This means no more costly exchange fees, or anxiety about using your card while you’re traveling.

You can switch your currency between EUR, GBP, USD, SEK and NOK. All with no hidden fees.

Whether you’re exploring the United States, backpacking around Europe or just enjoying a well earned weekend away, this will make it easier. Simply convert your available balance to the currency required and you’re good to go.

Why It Matters

As Lunar Way continues to get new users we are adding new features that will be useful to as many of you as possible. We feel it is the natural progression of our mission to become the banking app of choice. It gives more power to you, the user, while removing the unfair fees and poor exchange rates traditionally associated with spending money while traveling. In short, it’s another way we help to make your money matter.

As we continue to work behind the scenes to expand our global reach, this is the next step for our users who lead an international lifestyle as well as a digital one.

Okay I’m Convinced. How Do I Get One?

We are opening a waiting list on our website from August. The card will then be available in September, so get your name down to ensure you stay up to date with the latest news, and be one of the first to receive our new Travel Card.

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