Combine attracts €200,000 in pre-seed capital for its mobile financial assistant

Source: Combine

Founded in December 2016, right after being accepted to Startupbootcamp’s IoT & Data cohort in Barcelona, Combine develops innovative mobile financial assistant for millennials.

The app is targeted on digital nomads, who move from country to country and have financial assets all over Europe. It is now available for free on the iOS App Store. Ilya Lagutin, a founder and CEO of Aitarget, is the leading investor in this round, purchasing a minority stake for €100,000. The other two investors have split another €100,000 between themselves.

Combine users can see aggregated balance from all their bank accounts and existing Bitcoin and Ethereum wallets, with a unified feed of transactions and analytics on their spendings. Users can also sign up for partner services inside the application. Combine team is planning to spend the investment on expanding to other markets as well as adding more companies to the list of partners providing their services within the app.

Irakli Agladze, CEO of Combine, said, “We’re happy that our investment deal brings us not only the money but Aitarget’s expertise in customer acquisition and strategy. With their guidance we will be able to significantly improve our customer acquisition costs, staying as cost-effective as it’s possible. We see this partnership as a way to gain experience and provide our users with even better insights on their financials.”

Ilya Lagutin added, “We were looking for a potential partner that would appreciate our expertise in marketing and creative strategy that we’ve been collecting for years, and at the same time would complement it all with product development skills. Combine is exactly that kind of partner.”

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