CreditPlus applies IDnow eSign to finance shopping carts online

Source: IDnow

CreditPlus Bank, the consumer credit expert, is now using IDnow eSign to enable their customers to easily and quickly finance their shopping cart online.

With video identification and an electronic contract signature, they can conclude their legally effective credit contract within a few minutes on the internet - with no paperwork and trips to the post office.

Your iPhone is broken or you need a new sofa? In such cases, CreditPlus financing is a good option. It is particularly quick and straightforward if the financing can be concluded in the actual online shop itself. That's why today there is a variety of online shops who count on CreditPlus Bank's services and decades of know-how. In conjunction with IDnow eSign, the online solution for electronic contract conclusion, the corresponding credit can be arranged in just a few minutes online. The desired product is within reach quicker than ever before. If undertaking a similar process using conventional postal services, the procedure up to contract conclusion can take up to three or five working days. Now, however, the customer can receive their long awaited product within a very short space of time.

With the online credit application and digital contract signing using IDnow, tedious printing, signing and sending of the credit application, not forgetting the tiresome trip to the post office, are no longer required. Instead, the customer is authorised by video identification, and signs the contract digitally by mouse click with a so-called Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) without having to register beforehand. This signature via IDnow eSign meets the highest security standards, as well as all legal requirements, and is as legally secure as a handwritten signature. The entire procedure only takes a few minutes. After successfully signing the contract, the distributor immediately receives information on the delivery of the product so that they can send it straight away.

Michael Sittek, Managing Director at IDnow: "An increasing number of credit providers are using fully digital solutions to enable their customers to apply for credits without the tedious paperwork. Our eSigning solution therefore completes CreditPlus' innovative application procedure perfectly and, thanks to electronic signing, provides customers with their desired credit, or product respectively, in the shortest space of time."

Björn Hausner, Key Account Manager CreditPlus: "Nowadays, e-commerce partners and customers expect a credit decision within a few seconds and to have their financing concluded in a matter of minutes without media disruption. Customers no longer want to wait for their order for days. As such, by using IDnow eSign we are creating a modern customer experience with which borrowers get to their paperless credit easily and in one single process.”

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