ClearScore embraces native code for new apps release

Source: ClearScore

ClearScore today launches its new and improved mobile apps, largely built on native code, improving the user experience and making sorting your money hassle free.

Nearly 80% of ClearScore’s four million users check their credit score via their mobile. Ensuring the apps reflected the slick experience that users had to come to expect and love on desktop was a priority for ClearScore. The switch towards native coding ensures the app is fully optimised for all phones, and allows users to access some features even if they have no internet connection. Speed is notably faster and access to new integrations and updates is simplified, which will allow more features to be implemented for users.

ClearScore’s powerful data engine remains, presenting customers with personalised suggestions for money-saving credit cards, loans and other financial products, tailored to their unique credit history.

ClearScore CEO, Justin Basini, comments, “With 80% of our users accessing their credit score via their mobile device, updating and improving the app has been at the forefront of development plans for us for a while now. The new app will provide users with a reliable and seamless experience, making it even easier to manage their finances, while the switch to native code opens the door to exciting developments in the future.”

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