NCino improves credit analysis capabilities

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nCino, the worldwide leader in cloud banking, has added capabilities to the credit analysis offering of its Bank Operating System.

This collection of features streamlines the underwriting process, enabling nCino customers to execute all underwriting procedures in one place and more comprehensively understand borrowers’ financial positions.

nCino’s credit analysis functionality includes fully-integrated spreading tools, collateral management, in-system covenants, a robust credit memo and more. The latest updates bring even more speed, intuitiveness and automation to these functions within the Bank Operating System, and help financial institutions eliminate multi-system environments and disparate systems that require unnecessary and inefficient data transfer.

Trisha Price, nCino’s EVP of product development and engineering, explained, “Today’s underwriters and credit risk managers have to rely on more than data from personal relationships; they must anticipate risks and apply analytical concepts across a broad spectrum of data to decipher trends. If we can broaden our customers’ knowledge of how to make smarter risk decisions with access to new data and technology tools, they will reach more informed credit conclusions.”

nCino’s configurable Credit Memo aggregates information pertaining to the loan, its borrowers, collateral and more, automatically retrieving data to avoid duplicate data entry. These are living documents that anyone, with permission, can edit and now include features such as:

• Versioning and auto-save of credit memos, simplifying the ease of administration through guided experiences of sorting records, building sections and filtering data;
• Improved controls to set display preferences, such as defining visual layouts and field sets, displaying unique records, and filtering data that controls which records display in a detail section; and
• Integration with Document Manager for a seamless experience that allows credit analysts (or users) to select and securely save directly to a placeholder. The time stamp and name of the user can also be added to the file for audit purposes.
nCino’s customizable financial spreading tool supports credit analysis within a financial institution’s underwriting process. Spreads provides a centralized location to add financial information for an institution's borrowers, co-borrowers, guarantors and related entities. Banks and credit unions can create reports and automatically test covenants for compliance. This analytical toolkit has been improved with:

• In-cell math, improving the efficiency and speed by which financial statements can be spread by a credit analyst or underwriter;
• Display of large-dollar entities, at scale to thousands or millions of dollars, to offer a more visually pleasing spreads export, print and credit memo;
• Benchmarking to compare a company’s financial statements with a group of other similar companies’ financial statements, via RMA’s Annual Statement Studies data;
• Trailing twelve months (TTM) functionality. Analysts can now automatically calculate a TTM statement from existing statements; and
• Global leverage and adjusted global leverage calculation functionality, configurable to the financial institution’s specific policy and guidelines, providing a global representation of the assets, liabilities, net worth and adjusted net worth of all entities associated with a loan.

Price added, “Financial institutions are data-rich environments, but because this data is often hidden and scattered across different places, banks and credit unions are unable to gain optimal insight into what’s there. These silos, coupled with redundant manual processes, slow down underwriting and weaken overall loan performance. nCino is solving for these challenges head-on, centralizing key functions in a transparent and secure cloud-based environment to promote sound decision making for profitability and growth.”

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