Ingenico Group launches first Open Payment fare system in Italy

Source: Ingenico Group

Ingenico Group, the global leader in seamless payment, today announced the successful implementation of the first Open Payment system in Italy on the Malpensa Express shuttle line, and its selection as preferred payment partner by Lombardy’s rail operator Trenord.

The Lombard railway company, which owns 2300 trains connecting everyday Milan to the main towns of the region, wished to offer a seamless journey to its customers using the Malpensa Express for business or leisure. This entailed creating a faster access flow and making ticket purchase easier. It was also looking to increase the number of payment methods accepted on this service and reduce fare evasion.

Ingenico was Trenord’s preferred supplier of secure payment terminals for on-board ticketing and an active promoter of Open Payment on the Italian market through the Italian transport associations. This, combined with the world-class reliability of Ingenico’s hardware and the Group’s strong reputation in designing innovative payment solutions, qualified Ingenico for the roll-out of the advanced Malpensa Express ticketless system.

Ingenico’s solution includes hardware, software, consultancy and maintenance services. A secure, unattended, contactless/NFC payment module, the iUC180B, was integrated into turnstiles. Providing fare payment at the gate, it removes the need to wait in line at ticket counters or vending machines, and thus improves consumer satisfaction. While fulfilling EMV standards, it provides easy and swift payment acceptance for the rides. The token, non-sensitive data referring to each payment card, is at the core of this fully secured system. It enables Trenord to identify its customers and, as a result, allows for the use of contactless bank cards or mobile wallets in place of paper tickets.

This achievement was made possible through collaboration with partners, in the fields of IT, security, processing and acquiring.
We are delighted with the completion of the first Open Payment fare system in Italy. This project illustrates Ingenico’s ability to deliver seamless payment solutions for transport operators like Trenord,’ said Luciano Cavazzana, SVP EMEA - Banks & Acquirers Business Unit, Ingenico Group. ‘We are looking forward to continued collaboration with Trenord as preferred payment partner.’

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