Polish lending startup FinAi raises EUR1.1m

Source: FinAi

Poland based fintech FinAi which is currently developing a lending platform has raised €1,1M in the seed round. Backing comes from a newly started Polish VC – FIDIASZ, belonging to Krzysztof Domarecki - founder of Selena Group. The investment is probably the largest at this stage on the Polish market.

FinAi® was founded by Rafał Czernik, Łukasz Dziekan and Paweł Ostrowski in November 2016. The company
is creating a top-notch fully digital lending platform which aims to simplify the consumer’s credit path. FinAi’s® competitive edge will be the use of biometric screening, online authentication and big data algorithms to acquire customers.

“FinAi’s platform will be one of a kind on the Polish market, it will merge the needs of banking sector and unique client experience” – said Rafał Czernik, CEO of FinAi®. “I’m really excited that in such a short period  (6 months) we managed to gather a team of professionals in the chosen areas. We also created and confirmed MVP of our platform which ended in huge investment from our current investor” – added Czernik.

“One of the most important factors in FinAi® is that we are a data driven company from the very beginning.
At this stage of growth, 1/3 of our engineers create the Data Science unit” – said Łukasz Dziekan, CTO of FinAi®. “Data analytics, machine learning processes and practical big data usage are the pillars of our competitive advantage” – added.

The founders of FinAi® have a long-standing experience in key areas for the company’s successful growth such as banking, credit risk, predictive modelling, sales of financial instruments and digital marketing. One of the important factors is that the founders have already successfully conducted a number of projects in the banking industry in the past.

There are nearly 30 people on board at the moment, all have various experience in finance, technology and digital marketing. Till the end of 2017 the company plans to hire 10 more people to strengthen tech and marketing departments. FinAi® platform should be available for consumers in Poland in the 1st quarter of 2018. 

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