CSC upgrades GraphTalk A.I.A


Computer Sciences Corporation (NYSE: CSC), a leading global information technology (IT) services company, today announced the availability of Version 4 of GraphTalk A.I.A, CSC's strategic software solution for the European life, pensions and health industry.

GraphTalk A.I.A administers individual and group investment, and traditional life and pensions products, including unit-linked savings, employee benefits and health.

GraphTalk AIA Version 4 incorporates the most dramatic enhancements since the product's inception in 1993, the most notable being the addition of a new product line - "Health". The new version also includes an integrated business process management capability that provides a flexible approach to controlling business process and business rules, and enables life, health and pensions providers to rapidly bring new products to market.

GraphTalk A.I.A Version 4 also complies with CSC's enterprise integration architecture, CSC e4, which enables Financial Services organisations to integrate GraphTalk A.I.A with other insurance applications and create a universal business process management environment.

"Since GraphTalk AIA first came to the market 10 years ago, more than 60 companies have used it. It has become one of the most popular and robust software systems used by life and pensions providers," said Eric Boileve, CSC's head of the Life, Pensions and Health Solutions Group for Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

"Our continuing investment in GraphTalk A.I.A demonstrates our commitment to the industry. It also signifies its importance in making a real bottom-line difference to the life, pensions and health industry during the toughest time in its history."

GraphTalk A.I.A can now administer the range of health policy and claim events, including critical illness, disability, protection income, health care insurance, private medical insurance and long-term care. By adding business process management capabilities, GraphTalk A.I.A Version 4 has been developed so companies can design, and easily re-design, specific process 'flows' that best manage their business at any point in time. This allows, for instance, a company to introduce new products easily without altering their system's underlying function.

For users, GraphTalk A.I.A enables them to reduce administration costs, ease communication and integration with other operating systems, and in turn, gives them the ability to provide an increased range of services and products to their customers. As the product is also a complete multi-language/multi-currency package, it also gives users the option of international implementation.

"The two major problems facing life, pensions and health providers today are cost containment and being able to react quickly with new products and services to customers," added Boileve. "Too often, the industry has failed to recognise the vital part that the underlying systems and software have to play in meeting these objectives. The new features we've added to GraphTalk A.I.A represent a significant new opportunity for existing customers to exploit changing market conditions, and provide an even more compelling case for new customers to adopt CSC's market-leading solution."

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