HSBC France rolls out SAB core banking tech

Source: SAB

The SAB AT software package was delivered to the bank HSBC France at the beginning of April 2016 as part of a deployment project with progressive and rapid implementation.

The first go-live stages carried out in 2016 have been welcomed by the users - HSBC employees. Further deployment steps are planned in 2017 until early 2018, due date of the full implementation.

The development of the SAB solution enables the bank to have perfectly adapted systems, in particular because of a constantly changing regulatory environment.

This operation is unprecedented due to the size of the bank's network in France with nearly 320 points of sale and the concerned scope, which covers both retail banking and corporate banking.

On this project, SAB is assisted by its partners, notably CAPGEMINI for the implementation of interfaces and MOVE Solutions for data migration. 

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