Advanced Logic Analytics launches compliance data analytics service

Source: Advanced Logic Analytics

Advanced Logic Analytics (ALA), a provider of enterprise wide big data and finance analytics solutions for buy- and sell-side institutions and other financial firms, is pleased to announce the introduction of the ALA OneLogic for compliance-related obligations, fraud monitoring and risk management.

ALA OneLogic’s breakthrough technology is purpose-built to help financial markets firms identify and stop fraudulent and non-compliant behaviour. It leverages a curated data lake, advanced data analytics, and powerful applications developed with proven surveillance and digital forensics domain expertise, and contains several features that combine to provide a powerful tool used in finding and fixing compliance issues. 

Structured data from sources such as trading and pricing systems can be collected and analysed alongside unstructured data, such as from email and instant messaging. The analysis from those data sources is not simply looked at once for a static set of rules. By applying machine learning-based analytic techniques, ALA OneLogic continues to develop and apply risk calculations. Communications and other source data are scored against a series of Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) to quickly pick up on any issues that could cause problems. 

ALA OneLogic helps firms manage risk and governance, counterparty risk, data security, Basel III, MiFIDII, and other regulations, plus it detects and prevents fraud and other compliance-related events.

Commenting, Nick Ellis, managing director said: “Financial markets firms process billions of transactions and communications daily, producing massive volumes of information that lives in silos throughout the company.” 

“Managing risk and complying with regulations often requires running millions of simulations across incredibly large data sets. ALA OneLogic crunches massive data volumes, and through its in-built analytics detects patterns and irregularities so firms can proactively investigate risk events and related fraudulent actions and behaviour in near real-time,” he continued. 

ALA OneLogic is a communication-centric analytic platform that can derive greater insight from both human and business information, and mitigate financial and other risk across the organisation. This data-focused approach to monitoring of business activities helps firms achieve improved data management, more efficient and detailed audit trails, reduced risk of fines and sanctions, and more accurate reporting.

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