LogicaCMG launches real-time payments system for mobile operators

Source: LogicaCMG

LogicaCMG today announces the launch of Intelligent Charger.

This is the most advanced real-time rating and balance management payments solution available for mobile network operators worldwide.

Intelligent Charger enables convergent prepaid and postpaid charging for all voice, data and rich media services offered by operators. Its open architecture supports integration with existing prepaid and post-paid systems, which enables operators to protect investment to date and continue using these assets whilst evolving to a converged payments architecture.

Operators that deploy Intelligent Charger are able to improve and consolidate all aspects of rating, charging and billing activities to significantly enhance tariff plan flexibility, subscriber services and revenue capture capabilities. Pre-delivery charging on single and concurrent services maximises charging accuracy and guarantees revenue assurance. The solution supports a controlled evolution to convergence, allowing the operator to target specific services or groups of subscribers and rollout new convergent functionality in line with their business roadmap.

Recent global research by LogicaCMG found that offering choice and ease of payment is important to 45 per cent of users when choosing their network vendor. With the Intelligent Charger solution, operators are able to deliver an enhanced customer experience to meet these demands, foster loyalty and drive revenues from existing and new voice and data services. Operators have the ability to offer a clear, up-to-the-second status on individual accounts and increased user control over spending. Intelligent Charger also supports group accounts, such as for a family, on a single balance and manages hybrid accounts that combine pre and post-paid charging for different services. With the comprehensive analysis and reporting tools provided by Intelligent Charger, operators can introduce new incentive and bonus schemes quickly and effectively across the entire customer base or to specific subscriber groups.

Paul Gleeson, chief operating officer at LogicaCMG global telecoms, said: "In the race to introduce new services to the marketplace, many operators have neglected to invest in the core payment systems that enable them to capture the resulting revenue. With the value of transactions growing and subscribers looking for more reward for loyalty, operators risk losing customers and vital revenues if the payments system does not support their commercial strategy. Intelligent Charger heralds a new era for mobile payments, with unprecedented flexibility, speed and accuracy.

Consolidating 30 years of LogicaCMG's systems integration and real-time payment expertise, and working with more than 300 leading operators worldwide, Intelligent Charger is set to revolutionise the payments experience for mobile users and facilitate new, exciting ways for operators to drive revenues."

LogicaCMG Intelligent Charger is fully equipped to support current voice and data services as well as future IP services such as those enabled by Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and IP Multimedia Subsystems (IMS).

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