Secure Trading launches API developer platform

Source: Secure Trading

Award winning payments group, Secure Trading, has today announced its new API developer platform, which provides libraries of pre-defined software components for processing online payments.

The JSON platform saves companies both time and money in designing a sophisticated payment solution and achieving annual PCI compliance. By offering this platform, Secure Trading allows companies to concentrate on their business, while it takes care of the payment process.

The new developer platform helps to streamline the overall checkout experience. Customers would no longer be expected to submit their payment details through a separate website or portal with unfamiliar branding. It empowers businesses to develop a sophisticated checkout solution that integrates seamlessly with their existing website, which in turn builds trust in the brand and increases the likelihood of payment completion.

Behind the scenes, site developers can utilise new and extensive PHP and Python libraries to quickly and easily develop a solution tailored to their bespoke needs. This includes tokenisation and the 3-D Secure functionality needed to provide consumers with an ultra-secure payment experience. It is also complemented with award-winning support provided by technical experts, ensuring that while the platform is as easy as possible to use, companies have on-hand assistance should they require it.

“The new API platform offers unprecedented self-service payment processing for Secure Trading customers,” said David Armstrong, Head of Product at Secure Trading. “We understand that modern day website development can be complex, which is why we’re providing merchants with the tools and expertise to simplify the process of developing a payment solution. This will create a more professional website and payment process designed to improve user experience and encourage customer loyalty.”

“Compliance can also be a huge burden for many merchants as security requirements such as PCI are becoming more stringent. Our technology can prevent payment card data from touching the merchant’s server, allowing us to reduce the complexities associated with compliance – ultimately giving our clients peace of mind,” said Matthijs Pronk, Business Development Director, Secure Trading. 

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