Ayondo to list in Singapore at a valuation of $158 million

Source: Willebrand Invest

Corrected: ayondo is a FinTech company within social trading with CFD and Spread Betting as a part of its offering.

Stefan Willebrand is founder and owner of a public investment company named Willebrand Invest. One of its holdings, ayondo is currently working on a Reverse Takeover transaction with the aim to become a listed company at Singapore Stock Exchange. The price of the proposed acquisition of the FinTech company ayondo which focuses on social trading, CFD and Spread Betting is about $158 million.

Stefan Willebrand has a special tie to ayondo. He originally founded a company named SYCAP in Skövde, Sweden during 2005 within CFD, FX and Spread Betting and expanded internationally to establish a securities firm in London. During 2011 Mr. Willebrand sold this company group to ayondo and placed a portion of ayondo shares as a holding in his public investment company named Willebrand Invest together with a a few external investors. Mr. Willebrand then founded Bricknode , together with his team in Skövde, which is a cloud based horizontal platform within finance which now supports verticals for securities firms through the application Bricknode Broker among other usages.

“Building and operating an international FinTech company was a great experience for everyone involved. During 2005 we were just in the beginning of the cloud revolution which the financial marketplace was rather slow to embrace. We learned that it was possible to build an international financial service based in a small town like Skövde, Sweden and run an operation in London.

ayondo will be the first liquid holding of Willebrand Invest and our first public FinTech investment. For the past 7 years we have focused on doing it all over again. Without making a lot of noise we have built Bricknode which has generated over $3.5 million in SaaS income and we have invested more than $2.5 million on top of that to build the financial platform for the future. We have also built LendyTech with over 28,000 borrowers, a profitable operation with over $3 million in annual revenues and profit margins above 40%, and just now launched Kreditbörsen for Peer-to-Peer lending where we help companies get better loans and generate exceptional returns for investors, everything from a base team in Skövde, Sweden and we now employ over 30 full time staff plus numerous more people that are associated in the Bricknode ecosystem.” says Stefan Willebrand, Founder & CEO.

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