Swiss Cantonal Bank first in Emea to deploy new NCR ATM range

Source: NCR

NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR), a global leader in omni-channel solutions, and the Lucerne Cantonal Bank of are making the future of banking tangible and real with the introduction of the first NCR SelfServTM 84 terminals in Switzerland.

The new multifunctional ATMs will go live on March 28 in one of the cantonal bank’s branches and will provide customers innovative banking technologies. With the introduction of the newest NCR ATM family, the bank prepares for the potential that the infrastructure project of SIX and the Swiss banks to harmonize the ATM software across all banks, called ATMfutura, will offer.

The new multifunctional ATMs represent a breakthrough in the history of ATMs. A large, 19-inch multi-touch display drives tablet-like interactions, where consumers can swipe, pinch and zoom their way quickly through transactions. The large display is an improvement for elderly users compared to today’s small monitors. Apart from the ease of use, NCR’s new ATM family focuses on security: The recessed keyboard provides a natural PIN protection while a picture-in-picture camera shows what’s happening behind the user to prevent shoulder surfing. But Lucerne Cantonal Bank chose the systems with an eye to the future.

“When it became clear that ATMfutura would go live in Switzerland in 2018, we decided to modernize our self-service offering to prepare for the new functionalities at an early stage,” explained Daniel von Arx, spokesperson of Lucerne Cantonal Bank. “Our customers can now become familiar with the new systems and will be able to reap the full benefits of the new innovative services from 2018 onwards.”

With the launch of ATMfutura, ATM infrastructure in Switzerland will support a variety of new functions that bring the ATM into the 21st century. In future withdrawals can be pre-staged on the banking app. The user receives a QR code and only has to hold the smartphone near the reader and the transaction is processed within seconds.

Video banking features will also become available and enable end users to open an account directly on the ATM as they can authenticate through the video channel and sign the forms on the touch screen using a finger as a pen.

“Financial institutions have to adapt to the digital lifestyle of their customers,” said Paul Thuer, Country Manager NCR Switzerland. “Branch concepts need to embrace latest consumer technologies to be successful in the 21st century. We see an increasing trend among Swiss banks to invest in new technology that deliver the innovative omni-channel experiences that customers demand.”

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