AppDynamics extends relationship with Wells Fargo

Source: AppDynamics

AppDynamics, Inc., a leading application intelligence company, announced today that it has further expanded its existing relationship with Wells Fargo to implement best-in-class application monitoring services across its business.

Building on an earlier deployment, Wells Fargo will now have a greater ability to monitor and improve lines of code to understand the real-time impact that digital transformation is having on its customers and its business in real-time.

Broad deployment of AppDynamics will help the bank stay ahead of the fast-rising expectations of its digital-first customers who engage the bank primarily via mobile and web applications. The current expansion is a result of successful deployment with Wells Fargo Retirement that commenced in June 2015.

“With AppDynamics, we are able to navigate our complex, regulated environment while maintaining a focus on customers and innovation,” said Mike Telang, head of Enterprise Architecture at Wells Fargo.

“Customer expectations for digital engagement are rising faster than ever, and every business needs to transform their approach,” said Bhaskar Sunkara, CTO and Head of Product at AppDynamics. “AppDynamics brings a unique precision to the market and helps business leaders actively manage the connection between every line of code and their business performance.”

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