UBS opens digital wealth platform to UK investors

Source: UBS

UBS SmartWealth launches today, enabling more people than ever in the UK to access the investment insights and expertise of the 'World’s Best Bank for Wealth Management 2016' as awarded by Euromoney.

UBS SmartWealth is a digital platform which moves beyond simplistic algorithm-based investing. With a minimum investment of £15,000, it aims to help a new audience achieve their life goals.

UBS SmartWealth provides regulated advice online, whenever a client needs it. It recommends a suitable investment strategy based on a client’s individual financial situation, relative to their attitude to risk and their investment objectives.

UBS’s team of investment experts execute the client’s strategy via actively implemented and passively implemented funds available on the platform. Investment strategies are informed by the extensive economic and market insight of UBS Wealth Management’s global investment experts.

Those same experts will also be sharing their views and insights on the platform to help clients better understand how market developments and news events might affect their investments.

UBS SmartWealth includes detailed forecasting of clients’ progress towards their specific life goals. Clients can access ongoing updates of investment performance tracked against their goals and possible actions to help achieve their plan.
Nick Middleton, Co-Head of UBS SmartWealth, said:

“By making it easy to access expert advice, we can ensure your money is helping you achieve the things you want in life, be that security in retirement, helping children get on the property ladder, or a second home abroad.

“Most people don’t have any clear strategy for their money. Instead they have a series of one-off decisions that bear little relation to their life goals. UBS SmartWealth will provide you with a strategy suited to your goals, attitudes and financial situation, and then execute that strategy for you.”
Shane Williams, Co-Head of UBS SmartWealth, said:

“Up until now, technology hasn’t been used to help people make better investment decisions. For the most part, so-called ‘robo-advisers’ have merely used technology to cut their own costs, in the meantime offering no actual advice at all.

“Additionally investors in these products are too often faced with complicated pricing structures. We have a simple fee structure.

“UBS SmartWealth uses technology to add value to our clients, not to cut our costs. Hundreds of investment, markets and economics experts all over the world will be working around the clock to make sure our clients’ money is invested appropriately. We are using new technology to provide regulated advice, education and investment information to our clients, all in one place.”

Clients will be charged an annual fee dependent on their total assets invested and which investment strategy they choose. This fee covers all aspects of the service and the underlying investments and there are no other costs incurred by clients:

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