Parlano adds support for Microsoft Office Live Communications Server


Parlano, Inc., a leading provider of collaborative messaging solutions, today announces plans to integrate Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2003 with its MindAlign Collaborative Messaging Framework.

"Instant Messaging is becoming a mission critical business tool within almost every industry, and the addition of persistent, group-based communications into Live Communications Server is of significant interest to our customers," stated Taylor Collyer, Director, Real-Time Collaboration Marketing for Microsoft. "After evaluating available technologies, Parlano rose decisively to the top. Customer successes, scalability and architectural flexibility were key points of the MindAlign solution."

"Parlano has always worked diligently to extend the boundaries of Collaborative Messaging by focusing solely on delivering meaningful business value to our global clients," stated Nick Fera, chief executive officer for Parlano. "With this new relationship and the joint marketing to rapidly evolving markets, it is important to remain focused on the key business impacts of technology, namely productivity. By continuing to focus MindAlign on the productivity requirements that deliver Collaborative Messaging as a valued business application, we look to extend even further the value of applications like Live Communications Server."

The combined Live Communications Server and MindAlign solution extends the foundation for instant messaging with a set of enterprise-class capabilities including:
  • Identity and Contact Management through Active Directory Server
    Individuals will be able to sign-on, manage and search contacts and group chat channels via Active Directory and Live Communications Server. Corporate IT will be able to control enterprise-wide identity and access to the solution within existing applications.
  • Persistent Group "Chat"
    In addition to individual and ad-hoc multi-person chat sessions, MindAlign will extend Live Communications Server with the capability to establish formal, persistent group chat channels. These channels are secure discussion forums accessible and visible on a permission-basis both inside and outside the enterprise.
  • Contextual BackChat
    Via MindAlign, Live Communications Server group channel message traffic will be able to be logged into a Microsoft SQL Server and accessible via permission-based search within the desktop client application or, optionally, made securely available through Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003.
  • Presence Detection and Management
    Presence, via Live Communications Server, will be reflected in the client applications enabling individuals both within and outside of the enterprise to be "aware" of which individuals are in what available state.
  • Support for Audio and Video Chat Sessions
    The Live Communications Server and MindAlign solution will provide support for audio and video chat sessions as these methods of communication continue to increase in popularity and importance.

Parlano's MindAlign for Microsoft Office Live Communications Server will be available in the third quarter of 2004.

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