DNB restructures to meet small business banking customers' digital needs

Source: DNB

Corporate customers are becoming increasingly digital and the competitive situation is changing.

DNB must therefore adapt its organisation to meet the future needs of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Today, DNB’s Corporate Banking business area has been presented with a new organisational structure, which also involves downsizing.

“Personal customers are not the only customers who have increased their use of self-service solutions. SME customers also solve most of their daily banking needs themselves. At the same time, the bank is digitalising its own processes. Consequently, we, as a bank, must meet new requirements and are strengthening our commitment to developing simple digital solutions and useful tools to help increase our customers chances of success," says Benedicte Schilbred Fasmer, group executive vice president and head of Corporate Banking in DNB.

DNB’s Corporate Banking business area is merging its current seven regions into four regions, and is also merging customer teams to build larger specialist groups. At the same time, units involved in the development of digital solutions for the SME market are being strengthened.

The restructuring means that the Corporate Banking business area will reduce staff levels by approximately 100 full-time positions. Some employees will have a new work location. DNB will continue to capitalise on the Group’s current branch office network to be able to meet SME customers where they are. After the change, there will still be more than 1 200 employees who work in DNB to help small and medium-sized enterprises in Norway.

“We are changing to be there for our customers and offer relevant solutions where customers want them, both physically and digitally. Our aim is to be an attractive partner for companies across Norway. We will be a long-term, relationship-based and predictable bank for our customers. DNB will lend at least as much money to Norwegian small and medium-sized enterprises in 2017 as we have done in the past," says Fasmer.

This week, downsizing plans and changes have also been communicated in the Group’s product organisation in the Personal Banking business area, which in total affect 17 FTEs.

Facts about SME customers' use of DNB’s banking products and services:
Customer behaviour is changing rapidly and the digital banking revolution is developing a lot faster than many envisaged just a few years ago, also on the corporate side:

9 out of 10 SME customer relationships are established digitally.
SME customers used the Internet bank and the mobile bank more than 12.7 million times in 2016.
The use of DNB’s mobile bank increased by 52 per cent from the first to the second half of 2016.
SME customers wish to talk to DNB in new ways, and the use of telephone, email and chat is increasing rapidly.
1 out of 4 customer calls to the customer centre is now via chat and this has doubled within a period of one year.
30 000 SME customers use Vipps.

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