Euronext posts Q3 results

Source: Euronext NV

Euronext NV totaled revenues of €234.3m for the third quarter of 2005, a 14.1 increase from the €205.3m achieved during the same period in 2004.

Good activity across all business lines and particularly on the cash markets: trading activity was up 37.3% and listing with 16 IPOs was especially dynamic. The sales of software business realised a good performance, revenues increased by +22.8%.

Business Analysis
Cash trading: The good revenues registered for the quarter (amounting to €57.0 m, up 35.9% on Q3, 2004) were realised thanks to a record activity. With 42.3 million trades executed in Q3 2005, Euronext registered an absolute record since its creation.

Listing fees: Listing activity saw another good quarter, with 16 IPOs, including Gaz de France early July. Revenues generated during the quarter amounted to €15.2 m, up 6.2% compared to Q3 2004, which was already a very good quarter.

Derivatives trading: With a growth rate of 5.9%, these revenues increased from €74.5m in Q3, 2004 to €78.8 m this quarter. Volumes in both equity derivatives products and interest rate products have realised good growth over the period with respectively +18.4% and +9.1%.

Settlement and custody: These revenues increased by 4.2% compared to Q3, 2004, to €8.4m. This positive evolution is explained by the recovery in stock prices.

Information services: This business performed satisfactorily this quarter, with revenues of €23.4m, representing a 12.6% increase compared with the €20.8m realised last year. The upswing in the industry combined with the delivery of a fully harmonised package for derivatives explain this positive evolution.

Sales of developed software/solutions: Revenues from GL Trade reached €45.8m this quarter, showing a good progress: + 22.8%. This business benefits from the acquisitions realised end of 2004 (Ubitrade and Davidge Data Systems).

Other revenues: These revenues decreased from €8.4m in Q3, 2004 to €5.6 m this quarter, mainly due to the decrease of the services charged to LCH.Clearnet.Download the document now 41.2 kb (Adobe Acrobat Document)

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