Europe's PayLane enters Canadian market

Source: PayLane

PayLane, the European payment service provider is entering its second market across the ocean – the Canadian market.

PayLane, at first a small brand from Gdynia, Poland has been on the European market for over 11 years now. They have been winners or finalists of such contests as The Next Web, Microsoft BizSpark, Ekomersy, Aulery. Now they decided it’s high time for a new challenge: to expand their scope and introduce themselves to the Canadian market.

“We are prepared to show you our way of dealing with the online payments and we guarantee that when you try us, you will ask yourselves how you could live without PayLane.”
~ Karol Zielinski, CEO at PayLane

When you are through changing you are through.

PayLane created a professional online payment platform not only for big online companies but for startups and SMB businesses as well. Since the very first day they had the ambition to be international, to be a global brand.

However, in the payments industry it’s not so easy. You need to deal with local regulations, policies, law. You need to find business partners on each market, build relationships, create new internal processes and policies. You need to prepare yourself before you may make even the very first step on a new market.

That’s why at first, PayLane were thinking about allowing European merchants to process payments globally and help people from outside Europe to create their companies there, so they could move their businesses there and sell as European companies. That’s why they started PayLane Evolve! program at the beginning of last year. Results of this project were not extraordinary. So they changed their plans and decided to build business relationships outside Europe and start selling on new – for them – markets.

Contrary to other well-known PSPs (such as Stripe or Braintree, who started in the US and then moved to Europe), they did something opposite. They started in Europe and now – they are expanding to the US.

What is PayLane now?

Right now PayLane has merchants in 26 countries. In Q4, 2016 they accepted clients’ payments from 200+ countries. They process hundreds of thousands sales transactions month by month.

In their offer you may find 160+ transaction currencies, in which merchants may accept payments; 30+ payment methods (from popular ones like Visa, MasterCard to much more local ones, such as SEPA Direct Debits, iDEAL, Sofort, Polish wire transfers etc.) and dozen of payment functionalities which you may be already familiar with (such as integration through API and Secure Form; recurring payments; easy upgrades/downgrades for SaaS companies’ customers; MOTO transactions; payment links; possibility to accept payments in mobile apps etc.).

What’s even more interesting – they have never raised any money from external VC companies. 

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