Wincor Nixdorf introduces CRM software and centralised server for ATMs

Source: Wincor Nixdorf

Wincor Nixdorf, one of the global leaders in open ATM hardware and multi-vendor software solutions that improve branch efficiencies, today announced its ProClassic/ProSales CRM software solution for ATMs.

The ProClassic/ProSales software solution gives financial institutions the ability to make direct, personalized contact with customers at the ATM, including advertisements, messages, surveys or other information. With ProClassic/ProSales, the customer's response is delivered directly to the marketing system and acts as the link between a bank's existing CRM system and its ATM network - allowing banks to generate revenue with third-party advertising, reduce advertising costs, and increase customer loyalty through personalized marketing and sales campaigns.

ProClassic/ProSales allows banks to offer customer account preferences such as selection of "usual transaction" dollar amounts, language preference, choice of printing of receipts, and choice of card return sequence. It also allows banks to increase customer loyalty by gathering customer preferences for personalized advertising.

"With the majority of customers using the ATM as the main point of contact with their bank, banks now have a unique opportunity to increase the efficiency of that contact through targeted and personalized marketing," said John Tyler, Vice President, Wincor Nixdorf Banking USA. "With Wincor Nixdorf's cost-effective ProClassic/ProSales software solution, banks can lower traditional advertising and direct marketing costs, while at the same time increasing the potential for new business through tailored messages at the ATM."

Separately, Wincor Nixdorf today announced its ProTect/Enterprise Security Server software solution. ProTect/Enterprise Security Server software with RKL allows banks and independent ATM operators to securely manage and distribute terminal master keys electronically from a centralized, single location.

Master keys are required to ensure the protection of communications and authentication routines between ATMs and host/switch systems. Traditionally, master keys are made by key management systems and split into two halves, which are then entered into the ATM manually by two bank staff members - a costly, man-power intensive procedure with security loopholes. ProTect/Enterprise Security Server software with RKL reduces the high cost of traditional manual distribution procedures by avoiding expensive site visits, and allows banks to distribute master keys in a fast, cost-effective and secure manner.

"With the ever increasing threat of ATM security, it is imperative that financial institutions continue to protect their ATM fleets," said John Tyler, Vice President, Wincor Nixdorf Banking USA. "ProTect/Enterprise Security Server software provides a solution that not only delivers industry compliancy, but also reduces security risks and bank operational costs."

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