UnionPay mobile QuickPass debuts in Hong Kong

Source: UnionPay International

UnionPay has made new progress in rolling out mobile QuickPass worldwide.

Following the issuance of UnionPay HCE mobile QuickPass products in Macau and South Korea, UnionPay International now cooperates with Bank of China (Hong Kong) in offering UnionPay mobile QuickPass products for the first time in Hong Kong. Cardholders are now able to enjoy fast, convenient and secure cross-border mobile payment services at UnionPay QuickPass terminals worldwide with Apple Pay.

UnionPay mobile QuickPass supports offline payments with smartphone, wearable devices and UnionPay chip cards as well as online mobile payments. Outside mainland China, over 400,000 POS terminals in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Canada, Australia and the UAE accept mobile QuickPass. Meanwhile, UnionPay International has issued mobile QuickPass products in Northeast Asia and Southeast Asia, offering the local residents easy and secure payment services.

Hong Kong is a market where UnionPay cards are commonly used. 16 million UnionPay cards have been issued accumulatively, meaning that each Hong Kong resident have 2 UnionPay cards on average. About 20,000 POS terminals in the market support mobile QuickPass, covering merchants like SOGO, 7-11, Mannings and Tsui Wah Restaurant.

Besides enjoying the service in Hong Kong, BOC UnionPay dual-currency credit cardholders can also experience unprecedented cross-border services at all UnionPay mobile QuickPass terminals worldwide with Apple Pay. In mainland China, in particular, over 10 million terminals in merchants like KFC, McDonald's, Watsons, Starbucks, and FamilyMart, accept mobile QuickPass. Mobile QuickPass is also available in the mobile apps of Ctrip, China Eastern Airlines, 360buy.com and dianping.com, etc.

It is also safe to use mobile QuickPass, for it takes multiple security measures including dynamic security code and payment token to ensure payment security. The authentic card number is not displayed at the time of payment and the transaction information is kept within the network of the issuer and UnionPay.

Latest data show that the transaction volume of mobile QuickPass in markets outside mainland China grew by about 5 times in 2016. At present, Australia is the overseas market with the largest number of POS terminals accepting mobile QuickPass. In Macau, "UnionPay" is the most commonly used international bankcard brand in contactless payment. Doota Mall, GS25 Convenience Store, Watsons and GongCha in South Korea and Kamalan Bus, Taipei Leechi, and KingStone Bookstore in Taiwan all accept mobile QuickPass.

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