AlphaStreet launches 'Invest Like a Pro' virtual stock contest

Source: AlphaStreet

Fintech startup AlphaStreet, a free platform that makes investing easy, intuitive and social for individual investors, announces the launch of its ‘Invest Like A Pro’ virtual stock contest beginning Feb 1, 2017 through April 28th, 2017.

The contest can also be accessed with AlphaStreet’s iOS app, which enables users to access their accounts directly from their iPhone and participate in the contest from any location.

“The mission of AlphaStreet is to make the investment process social, easy and intuitive,” said Vishnu Beri, CEO of AlphaStreet. “Our ‘Invest Like a Pro’ series of contest underscores our commitment to that mission. Those new to investing can learn and become acquainted with the investment process in an intuitive, user-friendly manner. Experienced users will test their skills by investing with virtual cash and tracking their returns. Plus, there’s the incentive of cash prizes, which always makes things more fun and exciting.”

Once registered, competitors will receive AlphaStreet virtual currency (designated as “AS”) of AS$25,000. The AlphaStreet platform provides information on U.S. listed stocks, ETF and Mutual Funds. The virtual cash can be used to buy and sell any stock available on AlphaStreet. Contestants’ returns are tracked online, along with a leader board tally. Top Three qualified, eligible competitors with the highest portfolio value at the end of Trading Period will be awarded cash prizes of $500 for first place, $300 for second, and $250 for third.
Beri believes many potential investors may be scared away from investing due to the complexity and time required to make solid investment decisions, explaining, “With this contest, users will begin to immediately use our tools and demystify the process.” Beri added that the average time spent, per user, on the AlphaStreet site is 25 minutes.

Individual investors can use the AlphaStreet platform to get up to speed with notifications and alerts on stock prices, market-moving news, and activities in their peer network. Users who want to lead meetups or clubs can create or join groups from within the AlphaStreet site, which fosters more immediate communication and leads to an increased sense of community. It makes social media connectivity simple, enabling users to connect with friends and market experts and post to social media networks from within the platform. At AlphaStreet, discovery of stocks is fun and intuitive, as well as advertisement-free.

The main features of the AlphaStreet platform are:
• Social - Connect with market experts & friends, receive notifications about your connections investments and watch lists, follow people, receive market-moving notifications and check out social sentiment.
• AlphaTalk - Communicate with peers and experts. Ask questions, validate investments, give opinion and share information. Create groups to keep information private.
• AlphaBites - Breaking news and professional-grade research in plain English. Get to speed in under 15 minutes.
• AlphaGraphics - Instant snapshots of company performance, professional grade data - all in a readable format
• Single dashboard - Import portfolios from multiple brokerage accounts, trade using your existing brokerage account

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