National ATM Council defines 2017 as a make-or-break year for the industry

Source: National ATM Council

This is traditionally a time to reflect on the past year and look forward to the New Year ahead.

For the Independent ATM industry, however, 2016 and 2017 continue to be anything but traditional. Business as usual is simply not in the picture. With the major challenges of EMV implementation, dramatic changes in Washington, and the unrelenting impacts of new technology upon our businesses, this is a time for America's ATM owners, operators and suppliers to step up, unify like never before, and become fully engaged in the political process.

There are both threats and opportunities out there this year that can make or break our industry - and I want you to know that NAC's leadership will be doing all in our power to continue fighting the good fight for you - and delivering wins on these critical issues. The past five years have proven that if any trade association can help the U.S. retail ATM industry in a real and significant way - it's NAC.

NAC will be focused this year on restoring reasonable access to bank accounts for our ATM businesses, addressing the ongoing problems with EMV implementation, and working to vigorously prosecute NAC's antitrust litigation against VISA and MasterCard. NAC will also continue our initiatives to address the latest fraud/crime threats against ATMs - and we will keep weighing in on state/local laws and regulations impacting our businesses.

In sum - you have my and NAC leadership's commitment to continue working tirelessly for you - our fellow U.S. ATM owners, operators and suppliers - to make 2017 a year of strength and progress for our industry. Your involvement and support are critical to our mutual success. Please become involved in the work of NAC - to help protect and promote America's entrepreneurial ATM industry! In these challenging times, our ability to pool resources and act collectively is more vital than ever - let's make 2017 a defining year for our industry!

Are you with me?


George Sarantopoulos

NAC Chair, Board of Directors
Chairman & CEO, Access One Solutions

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