Symitar unveils mobile appointment booking tool

Source: Jack Henry & Associates

Jack Henry & Associates, Inc.® (NASDAQ:JKHY) is a leading provider of technology solutions and payment processing services primarily for the financial services industry. Its Symitar® division announced today the availability of Appointment 365, a scheduling tool that enables credit union members to book in-branch appointments remotely.

Symitar credit unions are actively signing up for and deploying Appointment 365 to their members now.

Powered by More Global Inc., Appointment 365 enhances and unites the mobile and in-branch experience. The branch remains an important component of the banking lifecycle, and this solution provides an efficient way to optimize both the booking and the actual personnel-member interaction. Appointment 365 is made available through each credit union’s website, meaning that even non-members can use it to schedule in-branch account openings, loan applications, and more.

Appointment 365 addresses two significant improvements to branch scheduling:

1) Matching the appropriate branch resource – based on skill set and availability – with the member’s need. Appointments are booked at a branch with the available staff members who have the skills to provide the service; the solution declares timeslots as “full” if capacity is exhausted. Each staff member can be matched to a specific set of services so that those who are not yet trained in a particular service will not be called to provide it.

2) Coordinating appointments in real time across the whole organization, including multiple branch locations, staff resources, and services. Appointment 365 plans and coordinates all communication around the appointment to maximize the right responses from all involved and reduce the number of no-shows. No schedule synchronization is needed.

Ted Bilke, president of Symitar, said, “Appointment 365 is just one example of how we’re enabling our credit unions to evolve and respond to how their members want to do business. This tool streamlines the appointment process and links channels of engagement to provide current and prospective members the best possible interaction with their chosen financial institution.” 

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