Azimo signs former Gunner Kanu for Nigerian glory

Source: Azimo

Azimo, the online digital money transfer service, has announced the signing of legendary former Arsenal and Nigeria striker Kanu Nwankwo as a brand ambassador to help bring low cost online money transfer to the Nigerian community.

“It’s a privilege to join the Azimo team and champion the work they’re doing to make sending money home radically cheaper and faster. Supporting family back home means a huge amount to me and all my fellow Nigerians, and I’ve been amazed by how much money Azimo can save us all,” says Kanu, fondly known as “Papilo” to his millions of fans.

As many as three million Nigerians receive money from overseas every year, with more than £20 billion sent back home in 2015 alone. Historically, though, the fees charged by legacy players have been very high.

Azimo is different - it always has the best rates and zero fees to Nigeria, beating the competition and saving customers as much as 10%. And now, thanks to its revamped service, people can send money from their mobile, tablet or computer to any bank in Nigeria in as little as six seconds.

With a stunning hat-trick of market-beating rates, blisteringly fast service and zero fees, Azimo wins every time.

To celebrate the partnership with Kanu, Azimo has pledged to make a donation to the Kanu Heart Foundation for every transaction sent to Nigeria. The foundation, which he set up in 2000, provides life-saving surgery for children with heart defects across Africa.

“The term legend is overused but not in this case: Kanu is the ultimate Naija icon,” says Michael Kent, CEO of Azimo. “An inspiration to millions of Nigerians at home and abroad, he’s the perfect ambassador for us. Like so many of our customers, he worked hard and overcame some major obstacles to find success. And now, through his heart foundation and his work with UNICEF, he has dedicated himself to giving something back. It’s very clear that he holds the same values as we do and I’m honoured that he’s working with us.”

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"a stunning hat-trick of market-beating rates, blisteringly fast service and zero fees" -> money transmitters tend to say that there is no fee. So how are they making so much money?

The real calculations about money transfers fees are available on comparison services like

It would be wise to take a look first