PagBrasil integrates with VTEX for cross-border online commerce

Source: PagBrasil

PagBrasil, an online platform providing gateway and collection services specialized in the Brazilian market, announces a partnership with VTEX, the leading Brazilian company for e-commerce solutions.

The collaboration between both companies comprises a direct integration of PagBrasil’s and VTEX’s platforms as well as an agreement to jointly develop the market. Based on this partnership, online stores in Brazil and overseas will be able to use VTEX’s platform whilst easily integrating PagBrasil’s unique payment methods and services. The exclusive Boleto Flash™ stands out as the only boleto on the market that offers payment confirmation in less than three hours and that has a responsive technology to facilitate its visualization and payment on smartphones and tablets.

A pioneer in providing cloud based solutions, VTEX is present in 16 countries in Latin America, USA, Canada and Europe and is one of the main e-commerce platforms in Brazil. Its cloud infrastructure is scalable and flexible, offering merchants the possibility to integrate diverse e-commerce technologies in one single platform thereby facilitating the online shop management. Apart from Brazilian online merchants that will benefit from PagBrasil’s broad set of services through VTEX, international merchants will also get access to essential local payment methods, such as boleto bancário. It’s worth noting that 54% of Brazilian online consumers have already made at least one purchase on international websites, according to E-bit Webshoppers.

In many cases, international companies do not have a local presence in Brazil and need a solution to be able to offer Brazilian payment methods and to receive the funds collected in euros or dollars abroad. “Brazil presents a variety of particularities when it comes to online payments. Apart from the importance of payment with installments, the relevance of boleto bancário stands out, which represents approximately 25% of all online payments. With this in mind, PagBrasil provides a complete set of services specially designed to boost sales in Brazil and facilitates receiving the funds abroad”, comments Alex Hoffmann, PagBrasil’s CEO.

PagBrasil is the first payment service provider integrated with VTEX to offer a boleto bancário with confirmation right after the payment is completed. A Boleto Flash™, as the technology is called, is generated by the buyer at the checkout page in the same way as a traditional boleto. It can be paid via online banking, ATMs or at any branch of an associated bank. Once the payment is done, PagBrasil sends a payment confirmation within 3 hours via API. “The partnership and integration with VTEX is strategically important for PagBrasil. It reinforces our mission to boost the local e-commerce by offering the best gateway and collection services for Brazilian and international companies. We see great potential to develop the market together with VTEX”, affirms Alex Hoffmann.

According to Lívia Soares, Head of Strategic Alliances at VTEX, “The partnership with PagBrasil will allow us to offer additional functionalities to our clients in an aggregated way. This integration will let merchants grow their revenues by breaking new ground, apart from reducing the operational costs with the accelerated payment confirmation for boletos”.

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