Actant releases AQTOR 3.58; implements options API's at Eurex and Liffe

Source: Actant

Actant, the leading vendor of options market making software, today announced the roll-out of AQTOR 3.58.

The ISV says 3.58 will deliver powerful new features to its users, primarily options markets makers on European and US electronic options exchanges.

New features include:
Manual and automated hedge
Allows option market makers to delta hedge (ratio) options exposure by buying or selling positions in underlying – cash, futures or LEPOs. A pre-configured manual hedge version calculates the hedge required to revert to a desired delta. Traders can then manually execute a hedge trade with a simple button press. An automated hedge capability is also available, executing trades based on pre-programmed proprietary hedging strategies.
Improved volatility management
Our volatility management functionality has been re-designed to provide traders with more flexibility when managing options volatility. This monitors all aspects of the impact of volatility on the options
Improved Risk management
Is a portfolio-based risk management application creating a multi-functional view of a trader's risk
Quote Script Scratch Pad
Trader's can now develop and test new quoting strategies against a live market environment. Quote script libraries will simplify access to scripts, with their transition from development to production achieved by testing in real time trading situations.

Urs Rutschmann, CEO, said, "The challenge of delivering features that keep our clients competitive has culminated in a powerful and functionally rich product offering. The emphasis has been on increased functional integration, more programmable automation, and ever better quote performance coupled with sophisticated quote safety algorithms. I believe we have met and surpassed these challenges with what I consider to be our most powerful product offering to date."

"It is software developments of this quality that are contributing to the huge growth in exchange-traded option volume," concluded Mr Rutschmann.

Separately, actant today announced that the November system upgrades by both Eurex and Euronext.Liffe have been accommodated by API upgrades.

Eurex version 8.0 and Euronext.Liffe version 9.0, both launched November 7th, include large elements of system upgrades designed around the exchanges' options trading activity, and as the leading options ISV Actant has both been involved in the upgrade testing programme and is first with its own API upgrade roll-out.

Two key new elements in Eurex version 8.00 are Delta Protection and Heartbeat. Delta protection alerts market makers to their total delta exposure, and heartbeat is an "I'm alive" pulse confirming the electronic exchange is operational. A missing "pulse" indicates an interrupted data supply, flagging what could be a potentially dangerous market situation to options market makers.

LIFFE version 9.0 sees the rollout of a new Financial Host API capable of supporting e-CBOT, and will be followed by a new Equities Host API November 21st.

Urs Rutschmann, CEO, said "actant has worked closely with both exchanges throughout this initiative, culminating from our client's perspective in a smooth, timely and virtually problem free transition to the benefits provided by the latest releases."

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