Q2 Holdings launches data analytics platform for community FIs

Source: Q2

Q2 Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: QTWO), a leading provider of secure, cloud-based digital banking solutions for community-focused financial institutions (FIs), announced today the availability of Q2 SMART, a targeting and messaging platform that empowers FIs to unlock actionable customer insights and engage account holders at unprecedented levels.

Built from the ground up by Q2 data scientists, Q2 SMART utilizes machine learning and unique statistical analysis to identify behavioral “traits” that help FIs anticipate customers’ needs and engage account holders with better, more fitting product recommendations.

“Q2 SMART strikes the balance in an FI’s struggle to reconcile the need for a data analytics platform with the reality of a constrained operating budget,” said Adam Anderson, chief technology officer at Q2. “We do all the heavy lifting for you - what was once a mountain of untapped customer data is now the key to identifying real account holder needs that will ultimately drive new conversations across digital channels as well as growth and revenue opportunities for community FIs.”

Q2 SMART is the only recommendation engine of its kind with several key differentiators:
• A multichannel approach to behavioral targeting that allows FIs to target multiple customer touchpoints, based on customer behavior, making it easy for FIs to create new custom campaigns, conversations and offers based on specific user behaviors rather than just demographics.
• A recommendation engine that uses Q2-developed machine learning algorithms to determine which products an account holder is more likely to adopt.
• The same machine learning techniques that power the recommendation engine also analyze customer deposit and payment patterns to recognize uncharacteristic balances or behavior at any given time.
• Q2 SMART integrates seamlessly into the Q2 Platform, presenting behavioral user data into clear metrics, graphs and charts that are updated daily and are easily understood through an intuitive user interface.

Q2 SMART was also designed in close partnership with Q2 customers. More than 40 institutions have assisted in Q2 SMART’s development process over two years, with hundreds of interactions guiding the design team to the existing feature set.

The result is a platform integration that uses data as a competitive advantage to drive institutional growth by delivering the most relevant and customized message possible to the right customer at the right time without additional burden on IT, marketing or other FI resources.

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