ActivIdentity upgrades Solo card reader

Source: ActivIdentity

ActivCard Corp. (NASDAQ:ACTI) d/b/a ActivIdentity, a global leader in digital identity assurance, today introduced Solo version 2.0.

Solo version 2.0 is an ultra-portable, slim design and easy to use card reader. The keypad layout is a familiar design for fast, single-button access to secure user authentication and signing of transactions. Solo version 2.0 is now available and attractively priced for banks that are transitioning to strong authentication for retail banking, by leveraging their existing investment in Europay MasterCard Visa (EMV) payment cards.

As financial institutions suffer increasing losses associated with phishing and identity theft, the need for stronger authentication is becoming more prevalent around the globe. Financial institutions are requiring enhanced authentication methods to confirm the identity of customers performing banking online. For over ten years, the Company has delivered secure online banking solutions to financial institutions and currently has over five million devices deployed worldwide, in such institutions as Barclays Bank, Credit Agricole, and Swedbank.

"The launch of Solo version 2.0 expands our ability to offer banks cost effective, end-to-end solutions based on open standards," said Jason Hart Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing. "These solutions enable strong authentication for enhanced security and increased confidence when performing online banking and e-commerce."

Solo version 2.0 is a stand-alone, offline smart card reader that, when combined with a smart card, generates one-time-passwords for strong two-factor authentication to perform online banking. It can be used in conjunction with ActivIdentity's authentication software, or software from other vendors supporting common standards such as the MasterCard Chip Authentication Program (CAP) algorithm.

This new version of Solo features an optional real-time clock for generating one-time passwords that are time-based. Small in size and light in weight, Solo is designed for end-user convenience, portability and durability.

"Solo version 2.0 is an easy to use, yet powerful, ergonomic device that provides banking customers secure access to their accounts," said Marc Williams, Product Manager, End User Devices. "This new version of Solo is designed for the large volume retail banking market, protecting consumer's personal financial information while accessing banking accounts."

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