Sogexia launches a new digital bank

Source: Sogexia

Sogexia launches a new 100% digital online bank.

  • Open online in less than 5 minutes
  • No conditions or hidden fees
  • In partnership with BNP Paribas for the sequestration of funds

The solution consists of a web and mobile online account to cash and withdraw money, process transfers and receive withdrawals, up to 4 MasterCard cards with optional travel insurance to settle expenses and make withdrawals, as well as a range of additional services to save money and better manage its budget.

The account is opened in less than 5 minutes online. The account is then capped and limited to certain features that can be extended by sending a copy of ID and a proof of address.

Unlike a traditional bank account, the Sogexia payment account does not offer chequebooks and works in real time. Transfers are credited upon receipt without additional value days (usually added to invest clients' funds), payments made are immediately visible in the transaction history and transfers between two Sogexia accounts are instantaneous. Notifications are also sent by SMS or e-mail during each operation carried out or future (for example a future levy).

"Sogexia was born out of our frustration with traditional banking services, and we believe that they can be simple, cost-effective and bring real added value, so over the past 4 years we have been reinventing the bank by creating We hope to attract 100,000 customers in the first year, both individuals and professionals, "said Kilian Füg, Managing Director.

An Expenditure Management module lets you easily understand where your money goes by quickly presenting the account balance, inputs and outputs, and intelligently categorizes transactions in an automated way.

Thanks to the Sogexia account, customers benefit from access to the Sogexia Club: a site allowing to obtain exclusive reductions negotiated by Sogexia with more than 850 partner merchants, including Auchan, SNCF, Orange, Fnac or Amazon. The use of this service makes it possible to realize on average 7% of economy on all its purchases on line.

For the professionals, the account simplifies the accounting. It is possible to take a picture of an invoice and link it to the corresponding expense. This data can then be exported for automated accounting integration.

In the near future, it will also be proposed to obtain a physical or virtual payment terminal in order to be able to accept payments by card online and at the point of sale.

From this date, the opening of the account is possible for any person residing in Europe.

"We anticipate the launch of several new innovative services over the coming months and then continuously, notably linked to the user experience, the improvement of existing tools and the integration of new partners on our platform, In order to reinforce the competitiveness of the offer by continuing to provide our customers with real added value compared to traditional banking solutions, "concludes Richard Füg, Sales Manager.


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