Tieto hijacks its own site

Source: Tieto

Today, Tieto’s main websites will go black. The look and feel of a takeover will surprise visitors, but you don’t have to worry.

Tieto is doing a fake hijack of its English and Finnish channels, Tieto.com and Tieto.fi. The point is to raise awareness about the importance of cyber security.

This year seems to become a record breaker of security breaches. Cyber hacking is very lucrative, which means increased risks and costs for the targets. Analysts estimate that the worldwide cost of breaches will more than double by 2020.

In order to survive, and to avoid, for example, defacements of their websites, most businesses seek security consultancy and outsourcing of security services.

- The year 2015 was called ’the year of security breaches’, but 2016 seems to break the record. Businesses struggle to tackle the risks, as only a few companies have enough expertise and resources in-house to take viable counter measures, says Markus Melin, Head of Tieto Security Services.

During Tieto’s fresh campaign, visitors to its sites will be encouraged to take a look at the offerings of Tieto Security Services, such as advisory and assessment services and monitoring of security operations round the clock.

Additionally, Tieto will participate in Slush, the huge startup event held in Helsinki 30.11.-1.12. There, visitors will be able to discuss cyber security face-to-face with Tieto, as well as topics like the digital transformation of businesses.

This ”hijack” of a website is not the first one for Tieto. Last year, the site of ”Hunger Day”, an annual charity campaign by the Finnish Red Cross, was done in cooperation with Tieto to imitate a defacement. The purpose was to raise awareness and collect means for charity.
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