Edinburgh gets bitcoin ATM

Source: Alphavend

AlphaVend is to launch the city's first ever Bitcoin ATM next week on Queensferry Street, Edinburgh

On 22nd November, Edinburgh will see the installation of the city's very first Bitcoin ATM. The machine will be located in the Foreign Exchange outlet of No1 Currency Exchange situated at 33-35 Queensferry St.

Now customers can buy the digital currency through the ATM as well as all the usual foreign currencies offered over the counter by No1 Currency.

Customers simply insert bank notes to the value of their intended purchase, and instantly receive the equivalent value in Bitcoin into a digital wallet held on a smart phone.

Buying Bitcoin on-line via an exchanges is time consuming and can be complex, and buying through private channels comes not without risks.

This easy to use ATM opens up the world of Bitcoin to the general public, and customers can buy from as little as £5 up to £1,000

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