First Tennessee Bank goes live with D3 digital platform

Source: D3 Banking

D3 Banking, the leading innovator in data driven digital™ banking, announced today that First Tennessee Bank has successfully gone live on its digital banking platform, migrating nearly 500,000 digital customers.

The platform will help the bank reduce cost and complexity, offer a consistent, personalized experience to their customers and create new and innovative services in a state-of-the-art digital environment.

“Our goal is to earn the trust of our customers every day whenever and wherever we interact with them. More and more of those interactions are happening via our digital banking channel where these customers expect the same quality interactions when banking as they receive from leading technology companies such as Apple or Google,” said Kevin Karrels, Senior Vice President, Digital Channel Strategy Executive at First Tennessee Bank. “D3 Banking allows us to meet and exceed high consumer expectations in a configurable, scalable and secure environment, competitively positioning ourselves for years of digital growth. We’re excited to have our customers live on D3 Banking, so they can benefit from the enhanced digital banking experience the platform delivers.”

Through D3 Banking’s powerful analytics, users gain a comprehensive view of their financial patterns and planning, while First Tennessee Bank is able to monitor and analyze this data to personalize its assistance and offerings. The single platform allows the bank to easily and efficiently manage fundamental banking services while lowering costs and streamlining once disparate processes to simplify the user experience.

Mark Vipond, CEO of D3 Banking, said, “Forward thinking institutions like First Tennessee Bank are realizing the full potential of digital banking and the benefits that a data rich digital banking solution can offer to customers for years to come. Consumers expect their banks to personalize and anticipate their needs, just as they expect Amazon to recognize what items are relevant to them and Netflix to know what they will want to watch next. D3 Banking unlocks the wealth of information available to financial institutions, equipping them for relevant counsel and cross sell opportunities while strengthening the overall customer relationship. We’re extremely proud to have worked with First Tennessee on this project and look forward to working together on the future initiatives.”

D3 Banking provides mid-sized and regional financial institutions with a comprehensive set of data driven digital banking services for any computer, smartphone, tablet or other digital device. The modern architecture, scalability and configurability of the D3 Banking platform will enable First Tennessee Bank to quickly and easily respond to trends and fluctuating digital preferences experienced by consumers and the overall industry.  

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