Twikey to use Connective software for electronic signatures

Source: Twikey

Twikey, currently the only Mandate Service Provider in the Benelux, is concluding a partnership with Connective to use their software for electronic signatures.

This collaboration arose from the wish to make the signing of contracts and SEPA mandates via the eID card more user-friendly.

Since the new SEPA rules of 2014, direct debit mandates have to be created, managed and archived by the supplier. When performing collections on the mandate, the mandate details also have to be send to the bank. Twikey is presently the only company in the Benelux to have a connection with all the major banks and which offers a specific solution to manage such payment flows. Their software platform enables businesses and consumers to settle a direct debit online with a few mouse clicks. This within a network of 3700 European banks. During the process, several additional validations are performed. Without these additional validations, a signed mandate is nothing more than a substitute for the simple paper document without any added value.

To increase the conversion for their customers, it is essential that the electronic signing of SEPA direct debits and other documents can be done in a flexible and easy way. They are therefore always looking for the best ways to sign Twikey mandates. Connective, known as a provider of a very userfriendly signing software is therefore the ideal partner.

According to Dominique Adriansens, CEO of Twikey, the partnership with Connective offers the signer a unique user experience by facilitating the signing by means of the eID card. It also becomes easier for them to follow up future innovations in the field of electronic signatures. The combination of partnerships with the banks and the advanced signing options easily guarantees their customers a conversion rate of 99% to 100%. The conversion rate of the traditional eID signing without extra validations does not exceed 4%. “We looked at several solutions in the market but, the solution proposed by Connective was by far the most innovative, easy to use and technically advanced solution available. In time, a lot of changes are expected internationally and we are therefore pleased to work with a partner who is always a step ahead of them”, says Adriansens.

Eric Bohner, CEO of Connective NV that was founded in 2014, is excited about the collaboration. “Since the introduction of the SEPA Direct Debit Scheme, it has become increasingly difficult for the Belgian consumer to set up a direct debit. Twikey offers an efficient and user-friendly solution. The benefits of Twikey for both the supplier and the customer are even more amplified when the customer changes his address or bank account. Connective, itself a FinTech enabler, is proud to partner with such an innovative Belgian company. There is much talk about FinTech platforms; here are two innovative companies which transforms words into deeds .”

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