Volkswagen Financial Services licenses Software AG adaptor for SAP network

Source: Software AG

Software AG's integration strategy continues to find market acceptance.

Volkswagen Financial Services AG has decided to make Software AG its long-term integration technology partner. The wholly-owned subsidiary of the VW Group is using the SAP-certified Enterprise Legacy Integrator for SAP NetWeaver as a standard tool to synchronously and bi-directionally link a range of operational host applications with SAP Exchange Infrastructure (XI). SAP XI is serving as the company's central platform for cross-system communication between applications, with the goal of implementing a service-oriented architecture. As a result, Europe's leading specialist financial services provider to the automobile industry will benefit from high levels of development productivity and a maximum security of investment with this fundamental modernization of its software environment.

Initially, the Braunschweig-based company will use Software AG's new integration technology to link its KREDIS and LEASIS host applications to SAP XI. The integration of these applications will benefit the customer service area above all: dealers will have access to all the information they need from Volkswagen Financial Services AG's central loan and leasing management system during automobile financing deal negotiations through their own systems. Access, with consistent response times of under one second achieved during testing.

Enterprise Legacy Integrator โ€“ a strategic modernizing tool

In the medium term, the VW subsidiary will be replacing additional host interfaces that have been implemented as proprietary point-to-point connections with Software AG's certified integration solution for linking to the central SAP XI platform. By using open standards like Java and XML, Enterprise Legacy Integrator for SAP NetWeaver supports all the relevant technologies for developing and operating host applications โ€“ in addition to Adabas and Natural there is also support for IMS/MVS, CICS, Cobol and z/OS.

In this way, Software AG's new solution is playing a crucial role in Volkswagen Financial Services AG's mission to fundamentally modernize its IT environment while incurring the least possible cost and risk. Over the coming years, the financial services provider will implement a new Service Oriented Architecture for a completely automated and a highly-adaptable access to data and application services โ€“ with SAP NetWeaver as the central platform for controlling all cross-application processes.

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