Anna invites applicants for derivatives bureau governance

Source: Anna

The Association of National Numbering Agencies (ANNA) today announced the publication of formation details and the application for participation in product governance of the ANNA Derivatives Service Bureau (DSB).

Currently under development, the DSB will provide services related to OTC derivatives, including allocation of identifying codes and access to related reference data.
The invitation to participate, framework document and application form are available through this link.

Management and technology consultancy BearingPoint has been engaged by ANNA to define the role and oversee the formation and selection of participants in the governance body, to be called the DSB Product Committee. The work of the committee will include the following:
• To provide recommendations to the DSB to review and approve directives relating to data standards for taxonomies, processes and procedures;
• To advise on the development of OTC derivatives definitions, characteristics and classifications and ensure that the product attributes are appropriately defined, maintained and governed;
• To define the OTC derivatives descriptors, to identify the taxonomies from which they are derived, as well as to validate and ensure the integrity of these product terms;
• To ensure clear and complete criteria and methods to monitor and control data quality in order to create accurate definitions of the product descriptors for ISINs of OTC derivatives.

The composition of the DSB Product Committee is envisioned to include a balanced representation of industry and technical experts from trading venues, banks and buy-side, as well as regulators as observers. The selection of committee members will be based on experience in areas such as OTC derivatives and data architecture. Details on the committee makeup and selection criteria will be found in an appendix of the application form.

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