TruRating brings customer ratings to the POS

Source: TruRating

TruRating, a global new mass-market ratings system offering an alternative model to TripAdvisor and Yelp! by giving customers a voice when they pay, has this week launched in North America.

TruRating is making it easier than ever for every consumer to have a say, and for businesses to benefit from mass, validated, representative feedback that can help them make key business decisions, and improve their overall consumer value proposition.

A privately funded, London-based tech start-up, TruRating takes the pulse of consumer sentiment via the payment terminal - asking each customer to anonymously rate an aspect of their experience on the touch screen from 0-9, just before they pay. Using hardware that is already being used in shops and restaurants around the world, and that customers already interact with right at the point of payment.

Earlier this year, TruRating opened its doors for business in Atlanta, in the Old Fourth Ward district. TruRating has been busy building on its global foundations, reaching out to the industry leaders in the payment ecosystem, and securing several key partnerships to bring its world leading solution to merchants across North America.

“We are so excited to be realizing our dream here in North America”, says Georgina Nelson, Founder and CEO of TruRating. “We had earmarked it as a crucial early market for us, given the sheer size, and exciting transformation that the payment marketplace was undertaking, and the momentum it was gaining.”

“We have been blown away by the appetite from a wide range of payment companies to work with TruRating,” Nelson continues. “For us it feels like the perfect time to enter such a dynamic market, that is opening the doors to innovative and new partnerships. We are delighted to have been chosen by First Data to attend Money 20/20 as part of the “adopt a startup program” spearheaded by the FinTech Atlanta task force.”

Recently, TruRating, has been announced in partnerships with a number of significant industry players, such as, Ingenico Group, AEVI, Verifone, Vantiv and ACCEO Tender Retail, with several more to come in the next few months.

Atlanta is already the world’s FinTech capital, and TruRating is proud to be a new innovator in building Atlanta’s FinTech community globally. 

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