SimplyTapp releases mobile payments app with chatbot integration

Source: SimplyTapp

SimplyTapp, a leader in mobile proximity payments technology, today launched Gane, a new mobile payments app that is the first to offer instant access to funds, Tap and Pay POS functionality on both Android and iOS, and the ability to automatically collect and apply discount offers in one mobile experience.

The new app will be unveiled today at the Money 20/20 conference in Las Vegas.

With Gane, users can transact and share offers through the Gane application, use transferred money instantly, as well as receive and apply offers automatically at the point of sale, and pay using Tap and Pay functionality. Gane also functions with chatbots embedded in Messenger and Telegram social messaging platforms, with additional platforms expected.

Gane’s enhanced real-time functionality moves the mobile payments industry forward, versus existing apps that fund payments over two to three business days and only allow users to apply those funds within the app or by moving them to a bank account.
“By combining the most important mobile payment services into one experience, Gane is the first app that is truly responsive to the needs of consumers,” said Ted Fifelski, president and co-founder, SimplyTapp. “The slow pace of traditional banking doesn’t fit in with the quick pace of life today. By bringing offers to consumers where they are - their smartphones - and facilitating real-time money transfers and offer sharing, we bridge the divide between their digital and physical worlds, improving the customer experience.”

“SimplyTapp’s technology and deep experience servicing some of the world’s largest banks allows them to fill a tremendous gap in the consumer mobile payment market with Gane,” said Vijay Doradla, Director at Verizon Ventures, a lead investor in SimplyTapp. “Gane is the first app that allows for instant access to funds, and chatbot-powered integration to allow social messaging platforms to further monetize their offerings.”

Gane also helps retailers harness the power of online window shopping with offline purchasing. Retailers can create campaigns to reach targeted Gane users in both the Gane app and via the web and social media through a customized UVL (Universal Value Locator). Offers are redeemed automatically at the point of sale when users pay through Gane.

“Research from Forrester and the National Retail Federation show that 76 percent of US retailers plan to accept Apple Pay by year-end 2017,” added Doug Yeager, co-founder and CEO, SimplyTapp. “We expect the uptake for Tap and Pay to continue, and Gane will allow consumers and merchants alike to take advantage of this trend.”
Gane leverages technology invented by SimplyTapp and honed over the past four years. This technology, called host card emulation (HCE), allows businesses to accept card-emulated payments from Android smartphones. Card issuers can implement SimplyTapp’s platform to access and manage card information on an encrypted server, bypassing the costs and negotiations that physical secure elements require while maintaining control of the customer relationship and experience.

The Gane app is currently available for download from the Google Play and Apple App Store and through the Gane website.

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