TransferGo offers real-time payments option

Source: TransferGo

TransferGo is launching real-time payments, for those times you need to send money instantaneously.

By adding a real-time payment option (TransferGo NOW) the company are doing what no other remittance provider is doing and cutting their delivery time to 30 minutes or less, and giving recipients an almost instant purchasing power. Real-time settlement is the feature that TransferGo has envisioned ever since their launch in 2013.

More than just a remittance provider, TransferGo are living up to the mantle of a fintech company; using bespoke tech innovation and leading hedging technology to revolutionise the speed of the transfers. In short, they’re disrupting the money transfer industry and breaking down the barriers between clients sending money and their recipients. Service like this hasn’t really existed before.

Clear evidence that today people value speed and immediacy when making a purchase, can be seen in the latest reports, where the increasing usage of contactless payments and mobile banking in the UK has reached 69%, meaning that almost three quarters of mobile users currently do some form of banking on the their phones. And understandably so. Mobile payments give people peace of mind since it allows for more tailored and personalised services, is highly convenient and can have seamless authentication processes.

“That kind of speed is highly valued in the international money transfers sphere. We at TransferGo have already noticed the incremental increase in the use of various mobile devices, with mobile phones even overtaking desktop usage in the last year, leading to our revolutionary decision to launch close to real-time money transfers for desktop and mobile users, so we can serve our customers even better” - said Daumantas Dvilinskas, co-founder and CEO at TransferGo.

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