DriveWealth and Alkanza bring robo advisory services to Latin America

Source: DriveWealth

DriveWealth, a U.S.-based broker-dealer, is pleased to announce its partnership with Alkanza Inc., a Silicon Valley based Registered Investment Advisor.

Together Alkanza and DriveWealth bring premium digital investment advisory services to Latin America, beginning with Argentina and Chile.

Alkanza is a U.S. based Registered Investment Advisor (“RIA”) that offers investors around the world an automated platform to create and manage highly diversified investment portfolios for a low monthly fee. Clients of Alkanza can utilize its platform to generate savings goals and investment plans, while Alkanza’s proprietary artificial intelligence engine constructs investment portfolios to take into account these goals and risk tolerances. By connecting to DriveWealth, Alkanza can offer its extensive advisory services in Latin America, beginning with Argentina and Chile.

Alkanza is connected to DriveWealth through its Wealth Management set of APIs, which were announced over the summer. DriveWealth’s Wealth Management APIs give advisors the flexibility of choosing how they want to work with their customers by offering three levels of support: non-discretionary, blended, and fully discretionary. Alkanza provides fully discretionary accounts to their clients, which means that Alkanza will manage the strategy, trades, and rebalancing for their clients’ portfolios.

The collaboration between Alkanza and DriveWealth gives investors in Latin America the opportunity to have a professionally managed portfolio of U.S. securities at a price lower than many U.S. residents pay for similar services. Investors in Argentina and Chile who are interested in opening fully managed investment accounts can now open accounts via Alkanza’s website.

“After a lot of hard work, we are very proud to extend our service to savers in Latin America. By marrying our premium investment advisory programs with DriveWealth’s low-cost access to U.S. securities, our Latin American clients can now add a unique investment option to their investment plans. Our hope is that, with this service, we can help improve the financial outcomes of all of our clients, regardless of income level,” said Andrés Villaquiran, founder and CEO of Alkanza.

“DriveWealth believes investors everywhere, at every income level should have access to invest in US equities and build globally diversified portfolios for their futures. Our partnership with Alkanza makes it possible for investors in Latin America to not only gain access to the US stock market, but to have their portfolios managed by experienced professionals for an affordable cost,” said Robert Cortright, founder and CEO of DriveWealth.

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